Skincare Vitamin Supplement Guide; what should you be looking for?

Have you ever found yourself standing in the middle of the vitamin section at your local super market wondering how in the hell am I going to choose out of so many? Forget about brands, which one do I even need? Should I get a Vitamin E and a fish oil or a well rounded multi vitamin? What even makes a well rounded vitamin?  Well, let me tell you, I have been in this exact same position and I found myself so overwhelmed that I didn’t buy anything.

Instead, I hit the books (well, today the internet) and I was able to acquire the information I needed to find what was right specifically for me. So, I decided to share this information with you in hopes that you can have an easier time than I did when it comes to finding what works for your skin.

Ladies and gents I present you with your very own skincare vitamin supplement guide! 

Where do I even start?

It’s good to start by knowing why vitamins are so important to our bodies. They are considered to be micronutrients, because our body only needs the smallest amounts of these nutrients in order to run properly, but not having them can lead to big consequences. A lack of vitamin A can lead to blindness!

Where to find them?

Vitamins are typically found in your food and beverages, but sometimes, even the healthiest eaters can’t obtain the correct amount of vitamins they need for their daily intake. Or your body just can’t make the amount it’s supposed to. This is where supplements come into play.

You can add supplements whenever your daily intake just isn’t cutting it.

Do I need Vitamin Supplements?

How do you know if you need vitamin supplements in your life? The easiest and best way is to get a blood report done by your doctor. Once the report is in you can discuss the results with her/him and go from there.

SO, you aren’t really a doctor person, but you think you just need one in your life. Or you saw that they have a beauty vitamin that you just can’t live without! Okay, fair, we’ve all been there, but, BE MINDFUL of what you put in your body!


You need to proceed with caution when consuming any vitamin supplement. You CAN overdose, and I repeat, you CAN overdose on vitamins. Just like anything else, too much of something can be a bad thing, so you need to be mindful when adding vitamins to your daily regiment.

What kind of vitamin do I need?

All right, now that you know that you need/ want a vitamin where do we go from here? (Nineties nerds will totally get this reference!) You have to decide on what kind of vitamin it is you’re looking for.

                      Types of Vitamin                               What kind of vitamin to look for? 

                        General Health Vitamin                                               Multivitamin

                              Beauty Vitamin                                           Hair/Skin/ Nails Vitamin

                                 Solely Skin                                          Complexion or Individual Vitamins



All right, but, how am I supposed to choose between the millions of options I still have that are brand names? We are making so much progress; don’t throw in the towel now.

And the Ocean of Brand Names?

I know different brands can be tricky, but your best bet is always to read the label. Make sure to look at all of the ingredients, even the one’s posted below. Sometimes these can be some of the most important ingredients that you want to avoid. They can have additives or preservatives that you are looking to cut out of your diet.

Reading the label will also allow you to look for allergens that might be in the vitamin.

If you don’t know anything about brands at all, I would start with a more trusted brand before venturing out. These brands are popular for a reason.

(If you want to read some reviews on some popular brands check out my review section.)

Gummy’s Vs Pills

Personally, I prefer the pills over gummys. The only benefit I have found to gummys are that they taste good and don’t upset my stomach. Other than that they are really no match, at least, not one that I have come across for the pill form.

They don’t offer nearly as many vitamins and they are not regulated by the FDA.  (This means that they can put really anything they want in them. Of course, with that being said, they don’t put any toxic chemicals or anything like that. I just mean they can add high glucose corn syrup or artificial sweeteners.)

Pills, however, offer a more vast array of vitamins and they are regulated by the FDA. (Yay!) The one massive drawback for me is they typically upset my stomach and make me nauseous. When it says eat with a meal, it’s not kidding!

Side Effects

The side effects you can get from taking vitamins are usually limited to nausea and stomach pain, but these can often be avoided by following the directions on the label.

This means not only consuming with food, but only take two if it says take two.

It doesn’t mean taking more if you are sick. This can actually make things far worse.

There are some vitamins when you overdose that can cause heart failure or even death, such as vitamin E and iron. Both good for the skin, but can be very deadly. These are some of the more extreme side effects, but you need to make yourself aware so you can, ya know, avoid them.

One other thing I want to touch on here is the reason why you get the side effects. It really doesn’t make a whole lot of sense does it. You don’t get these side effects when you are consuming them through food? So why when you are taking a supplement?

It’s simply because of the way you are taking it. Each vitamin has a specific way that your body absorbs it in. It’s either water soluble or fat soluble; it just depends on which vitamin.

When these vitamins are consumed naturally in food, they are typically surrounded by other nutrients that helps aid the body in the absorption process. When we just drop them in our stomachs in a little pill form and don’t add anything to say… help the vitamins that need fat solubles to be absorbed, our body resists and this is how we get the side effects.

Well here is your guide to picking out the correct vitamin. What are some of your stories with vitamins? Let me know in the comments below!


10 thoughts on “Skincare Vitamin Supplement Guide; what should you be looking for?

  1. Hi Betsey,

    Great post. You are right there are a massive amount of supplements out there in the marketplace. Where does one start?

    Certainly for me I look to pills that have a vegetable capsule rather than the gelatin ones. More natural for me. I also like ones that contain no preservatives or additives as I really think that dissolves the goodness from them.

    For me personally I like to get my vitamins in my food but I know sometimes they may not be enough so a good supplement is needed. Thanks for giving a great overview on skincare vitamins,


    1. Hey Kev,
      Thanks for the extra tips! 🙂 All the help one can get is useful I think.

      Getting your vitamins through food is definitely the best source you there is. These are just for the times when getting them through foods just isn’t enough.

      Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed your comment and please make sure to stay tuned for more articles.


  2. I didn’t know that Vitamin E and Iron can be so deadly if overdose. That’s scary.
    I’m currently taking glucosamine as supplement for my knee joint. I’m not entirely sure whether is there any side effect on that. Do you know about it?

    1. Hi Jay,
      They are only scary if you don’t take it correctly as labeled on the package. As long as you follow the directions there isn’t any reason why it should harm you.
      And as far as glucosamine, I don’t really know much about it, however I did find an article from a trusted source that I have linked below listing side effects and allergies. I hope this is helpful to you. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and please stay tuned for more.

  3. This definitely narrows it down some, lol. Just having the flashbacks of being in Whole Foods, Target, WalMart, Walgreens, and CVS racking my brain over these vitamins make me cringe. I’m ready to take another crack at it now. Awesome post.

    1. Hey Kierra,
      I’m glad this gave you the confidence to take another look. Vitamins can be very beneficial for you when used properly. Just follow these tips and if you are newer to vitamins start off with trusted brands, cause as I said before they are trusted for a reason! 🙂
      I appreciate you taking the time to stop by. Feel free to join our newsletter, so you don’t miss out on any new articles.
      Stay Simple,

  4. I miss the days of Flintstone’s Vitamins! Pop one with breakfast, maybe sneak another if ya get lucky, and done-zo – off to school!

    Unfortunately things just aren’t that simple these days! Thanks so much for this info — I’ve tried a few of the Olly Women’s Multi Vitamin Gummies from Target. But either I get bored of taking them every day (like I do with doing ANYTHING every day) or I don’t see/feel much change after starting them so I stop. I don’t like pills, which puts a damper on taking any vitamins… and I actually am not a fan of gummy stuff either. Chocolate is where it’s at!! They have any chocolate vitamins out there? 🙂

    Great read! Thanks!

    1. Hey Courtney,
      So glad to hear from you! Those were truly the days. Popping your grape Flinstones vitamin while watching Fred and Wilma run their car home…
      Anywho, back to point here, I don’t know of any chocolate vitamins yet, but hoping for some in the future. Fingers crossed. Chocolate is one of my favorite foods, although it is not too great for your skin.
      I also find it hard to remember to take pills everyday, especially, when you have to take them with a larger amount of food, so you don’t get the side effects. If you just work it into your routine, it will eventually become habit.
      As always thanks for dropping by.
      Stay Simple,

  5. Thanks Betsey – Great post on Vitamin pills, I have come across a great deal. As you mentioned in the article it is better to consult a doctor before taking a vitamin pill which I really like it. It would be better if you could suggest some natural food detail also to get these vitamins? As I’m a kind of guy who likes things to be in a natural way? Also what is your thought on herbal products or Ayurveda products which give us these vitamins? Just a curiosity question? Thanks keep well and keep Posting 🙂 Cheers.

  6. Hey Mana,
    Consulting your doctor is most certainly the best way to go about introducing anything new to your diet when it’s for health reasons!

    I do have an article dedicated to good foods for your skin. You can find that here:

    I prefer natural herbal vitamins more than synthetic made. I would rather have my nutrition come from something the earth made as opposed to something manmade. (Not that technology isn’t great and all. We just need more testing time with some things.)

    As far as, Ayurveda products and medical treatments, its one of the few things that I haven’t tried yet. I am a bit leery, because I have read that some of the products contain poisonous substances such as mercury and lead. I need to do more research about this one first, before I try. Have you tried it out? I am curious to know about your experiences with it if you have.

    Thanks for the great post!

    Stay Simple,

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