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About Betsey


Well, hey, there wonderful ladies and gents. My name is Betsey and first off, I want you to know that you are intelligent, strong and beautiful or handsome just the way you are! Sometimes its hard to see that for ourselves and I’m certainly no different.

I often get up in the morning and wonder what in the hell I am gonna do with this crazy mane of mine or dread the dreary, dull look of my skin. I have had many problems, especially, with my skin in the past. I wake up to find pimples, redness, puffiness, dryness and dark circles plaguing me and that’s just the face.

And, being entirely honest here, it often leaves me with depleted self-confidence. I am an already shy person, but when my body, especially the face, can’t live up to the beauty standards of today it makes me want to disappear into the background. Sometimes, even feeling like I am not good enough to do bigger and better things. I really felt this pressure in high school as so many of us do. It left me often afraid to do what I really wanted and to be myself. Instead, I stayed quiet in a corner and invisible to the world.

Okay, don’t get all teary eyed on me or anything. I know it sounds odd, but I am actually grateful for this time. I got to push myself out of my shell and become a stronger person for it. I am still more on the introverted side, but there is one massive difference; I believe that I am capable of doing whatever I set out to do no matter whether I think I am pretty or not… most days.

I did this by learning about beauty and how to manage it in a way that makes me feel more confident in myself. Trust me when I say I have TRIED.  IT.  ALL.

From expensive skin products to diy’s on pintrest. I even went to the doctor.

(He gave me a really expensive lotion product that sort of ate my skin off. It was kind of horrible… and gross.)

Anywho, back to the point here. I have had a lot of experience with skincare and I want to help hopefully make life just a little bit easier by sharing the knowledge I have accumulated.

Do what makes you feel confident, but know that you are beautiful or handsome no matter what!


Stay simple,


The Founder of SimplyLadies

12 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Betsey,

    Viewing your picture makes it very hard for me to believe that you have ever had redness, puffiness, pimples or dark circles!

    Now, I, for one, had the enormously ill fate of being born with red hair. Actually, it was orang than red, leading to the nickname, carrot top. (even though carrot tops are green, not orange). And, just like “Anne of Green Gables”, I wished I had at least been blessed with a darker, auburn-red mop on top of my head.

    The good thing about red heads, though, is that, as we grow older, our hair goes straight to a nice white…not like brown and black haired individuals who suffer through “Shades of Grey.”

    I guess I have been vindicated…in a sense. 

    I enjoyed your About Me page. And, I look forward to reading some of the other material on your website!


    1. Hiya Jim,

      Thanks for the compliment, but I one hundred percent promise those weird skin days are real! 🙂

      And ironically I have red hair and I love it! Red heads are pretty great in my book. Its good to know that I might get white flowing locks someday though.

      And thank you for stopping by. Keeping reading for more updates!

  2. Geez, you two make me wanna be a redhead! 🙂 What a beautiful and healthy outlook you have, Betsy! I’ve enjoyed the posts I’ve read on your site so far, looking forward to many more!

    1. Being a redhead is a pretty great gig! 🙂
      And thank you. I just hope I can help other people to realize skin is just skin and looking forward to writing them.

  3. Hi Betsey. What a wonderful story and what a beautiful young lady you are. Truly enjoyed reading your story and learning about your life. Thanks again for posting a great piece.

  4. Hi Betsey,
    I am looking forward to learning from you and your experience about skincare, thank you for sharing your personal story and I will be keeping an eye out for your new posts. 🙂

  5. Hey Betsey,
    I am glad to be connected with you. Your take on life is refreshing. You are beautiful as well, and thanks for the inclusion of handsome in your remarks. I look forward to learning about skincare with you as my teacher. I have bookmarked your page and plan to continue as a fan. God bless!

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thank you so much and glad to hear that! I would be thrilled to teach you more about skincare. It’s the biggest organ in our body, so we have to take care of it. 🙂

  6. Hello Betsey – that is one hell of an introduction. You mentioned ‘shy’ in the section but the words and the way you move around the site and with people doesn’t say so 😊 But anyways all the best, keep well and keep writing.

    1. Hey Manasir,
      Thanks and I’d imagine years of working in the customer service industry and majoring in writing might have something to do with that. ha ha
      The same to you. Please come back, cause I would love to hear more of your thoughts! 🙂

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